Book III The Return of Morgan le Fay Preview

This is the first chapter of book three, The Last White Faerie: The Return of Morgan le Fay.

Chapter 1 Lovers’ Quarrel


Lovers Quarrel chapter 1It is winter on the Island of Albion, and although there is no snow, the ground is frozen and stark and the trees are bare. A heavy, bloated moon lights the barren branches and casts its pale light upon the frozen, matted ground.

A young girl rushes through the dead, frozen brush, her breath smokes before her in panicky gasps. She clutches her long heavy skirts desperately as she runs. Every few moments she casts her eyes back in terror. At last, she comes to a clearing beneath the shadow of a rocky face. The clearing is empty except for a carpet of dead moss and one hoary stump. The girl throws herself to the ground and begins pawing, searching through the dead, brittle undergrowth.

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